Afterschool Nutrition Education

During one-hour, interactive classes, FLIPANY’s nutrition and culinary professionals teach students in afterschool, athletic or faith based programs the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, choosing healthy foods, and preparing healthy snacks.

Students are provided with instruction to engage in reading recipes and sharing conversation. Students work as a team to read the nutrition label, identify the ingredients and then discuss ways to make better food choices. Students are also provided with an open forum to ask about common foods they eat and how those food help or hurt youth development. When students are introduced to the science of foods, specifically how the food they eat works in their bodies, they better understand how food impacts their daily lives.

“I didn’t know that drinking two cans of soda a day for a month would make me gain 2 pounds every month. I would have to walk 100 miles a month to not gain the weight, I don’t like to walk so I need to drink less soda” 14 year old participant.

Classes are offered one time, or for4, 6, 8, 12, 36 weeks throughout the school year and can include the summer.

To request a program please complete the Program Request Form and email to