Physical Activity Programs

FLIPANY delivers fitness classes and personal training sessions to youth, families and adults at community centers, churches, afterschool programs and schools in areas where families are experiencing economic hardship.

Group Fitness Classes

FLIPANY’s fitness instructors use the evidence-based CATCH program to teach youth and adult classes.
CATCH is a developmentally appropriate physical education curriculum that develops health related fitness, skill competency, and cognitive understanding about the importance of physical activity.

Dance Classes

FLIPANY’s certified dance instructors teach Zumba, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Yoga to youth and adults at community centers and afterschool programs.

Mommy and Me Fitness

FLIPANY’s fitness instructors work with young children (3 to 5 years old) and their parents on fun, engaging activities designed to give young children a healthy start and their parents the resources to teach them how to get moving.

Running Clinics

FLIPANY’s fitness instructors work with the kids and teens in the 12-week running sessions to encourage them to develop a healthier lifestyle. The participants work through a series of lessons that help them set their own goals and know how to pace themselves as well as be healthy. The 12-week program finishes with participants running or walking in the FLIPANY Fun Run 5K / 10K. Preparing for the race helps motivate the participants and gives them an achievable goal to work towards individually and as a group.

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To request a program please complete the Program Request Form and email to