FLIPANY’s 20 for 20 Campaign

We invite you to join FLIPANY’s $20 for 20!

For only $20 a month, 20 children will receive year-round healthy meals everyday paired with nutrition education!

Currently, FLIPANY serves 6,400 students each day with a healthy meal during out-of-school time throughout South Florida. With your help, we can serve many more children who would normally go home hungry. This program reaches low-income families at over 115 locations and teaches them to choose and prepare healthy foods on a limited budget.

When you join the $20 for 20, you will receive 10% off FLIPANY’s annual event, Chefs Up Front and a free registration to the FLIPANY Fun Run.

Our goal is to serve 2,000 additional children per day through 100 donors who give a recurring donation of $20 per month for 12 months (or more). Please know any amount you are able to donate is appreciated!

A special thanks to our early supporters who are leading the way to ensuring South Florida kids are healthy and thriving:

  • Stephen Andrade
  • Karen Bridges
  • Mary Rebecca Burns
  • Ken Dresner
  • Ana Elvir
  • Arianne Glassman
  • Christine Heft
  • Dr. Colin Knight
  • Lynne Kunins
  • Alice Levy
  • Amy Metzger
  • Ryan & Zena Phillips
  • Lauren Rosenfarb
  • Chef Jason Smith
  • Vanessa Viera
  • Pam & John Wilkes

*You can choose the dollar amount you donate and the time period your donation will span.

Check our Board President, Stephen Andrade, Esq. and learn why he joined FLIPANY’s $20 For 20!

Thank You!