Meet Lynne

“FLIPANY’s work is not done until everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life.”

-Lynne (Founder, President and CEO of FLIPANY)

After many years of leading team-building activities with adults and youth, Lynne Kunins established FLIPANY as a 501c (3) non-profit organization in 2005. She saw, first hand, the ill effects lack of access to nutrition and physical education had on children who were living in low-income communities. Lynne developed FLIPANY to address the health and education disparities in these underserved areas of Florida.

Lynne Kunins grew up in a northeastern community with farm stands, biking, boating, tennis. When Lynne started working, she went into to the sales industry before she realized she could do what she loved–teaching sports and recreation classes to kids. In 1991, she moved to South Florida. Getting a feel for South Florida, Lynne began her first program in 2001 with teens in the Carver Ranches neighborhood of West Park, FL. She created an Open Gym program twice a week that offered team-building and games to develop physical skills, goal setting, nutrition education, and hands on food demonstrations. The number of participants grew and Lynne needed a team to meet the growing need. She hired a nutritionist and made it her mission to create an organization that would deliver fun and meaningful health and wellness programs in underserved communities. In 2005 Lynne founded the nonprofit agency FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth). She grew her networks of like-minded, spirited health professionals to serve more kids and families: physical activity instructors, health educators, bike specialists, dietitians, nutritionists, and chefs. Each year of its existence, FLIPANY has grown under Lynne’s leadership.

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