Afterschool Meal Program

Over the past 8 years, FLIPANY has developed and implemented a very successful food access model where we provide eligible after school programs with delicious and nutritious snacks and meals for children to eat before they go home. FLIPANY’s unique ability to do this work is shown by our current successes in expansion and outreach.

Program Overview

  • 4,500 healthy snacks daily (810,000 snacks during the school year)
  • 1200 healthy suppers and 900 PowerSnacks daily, plus an additional 2,000 lunches on full day camps (394,000 healthy meals during the school year)
  • 4,500 children are served daily in 115 Afterschool Programs (operates during the school year)


Click Below to Access Forms for Your Site:


Snack Order Form

AMP Supper Orders

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Teacher Planning Order Form

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Snack Pack Submission Form

Print and display on-site, only the menus which pertain to your program:

March 2020 Snack Menu

(2 Taste Catering) March 2020 Supper Menu

(Monroe) March 2020 PowerSnack Menu

March 2020 PowerSnack Menu

(Only Devotion Catering) March 2020 Supper Menu

To find out if your site is eligible for Afterschool Meal Program or Summer Food Program contact
Viktoriya Yudovina at or 954-636-2388.