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Go, Slow, Whoa into the New Year!

With the New Year upon us, why not join Early Learning Center directors, teachers and parents in adopting the Go, Slow, Whoa concept into your family’s daily routine?

With the goal of reducing childhood obesity in Broward County, FLIPANY has worked with the Transforming our Community’s Health (TOUCH) initiative to spread Go, Slow, Whoa curriculum into childcare centers. Go, Slow, Whoa activities and cones were one of the fun and exciting resources provided to 60 early learning centers throughout Broward County these past few months.  Go, Slow, Whoa incorporates the concept of a traffic light to various foods. Rather than labeling a food as good or bad, foods are designated as Go (green light), Slow (yellow light) or Whoa (red light) foods.

Go foods are foods that benefit the body by providing many nutrients and little calories, sugar, and fat. These include:

  • whole grains
  • fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
  • fat free and low fat dairy
  • lean cuts of proteins


Slow foods compared to “Go” foods are higher in calories, fat, and sugar but do provide some nutrients; these are sometimes foods such as:

  • vegetables with added butter
  • 100% fruit juices
  • refined breads and cereals
  • 2 % milk
  • moderate fatty meats


Whoa foods provide little to no nutrients and are high in calories, sugar, and fat. These foods are to be eaten once in a while such as:

  • fried foods
  • chip
  • muffins
  • doughnuts
  • whole milk
  • high fatty meats
  • hot dogs
  • cookies
  • ice cream
  • cakes
  • fruits canned in heavy syrup
  • pies


Go, Slow, Whoa helps students to grasp the idea of moderation, when it comes to foods. Go, Slow, Whoa is an easy concept that not only Early Learning Centers can adapt into a healthy lifestyle, but parents of young children at home as well!

(Go, Slow, Whoa is a CATCH curriculum)

Resources : FLIPANY has downloadable and printable Go Slow and Whoa cards and lesson plans available for free. Click on this link for the cone activities lesson plans and this link for the Go, Slow, Whoa Food Cards.

Other resources are below as well. Enjoy!