“Serving Up Health” in Miami Gardens

FLIPANY is collaborating with restaurants in Miami Gardens to integrate healthier menu items into their food offerings. This initiative is seeking to increase healthy food options throughout the Miami Gardens community. Americans spend about 50% of their food dollars on food outside of their homes. Prepared food is often higher in fat, sugar, and sodium and low in nutrients such as fiber, calcium, and iron. The Healthy Restaurants Initiative delicious and healthy meals are lower in salt, sugar, and fat! 

The participating restaurants include Pretty Healthy, Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, Crabs and Seafood, Sweet Hand Kathy’s Restaurant, Sheri Restaurant, Esther’s 27 LLC, The Patty Place, Sub City LLC, Stadium Diner and Fritanga El Chele. FLIPANY is working with the participating restaurants to modify and showcase entrées and/or side dishes according to established nutrition standards. Through employee training and educational materials, a culture of health will be established in each restaurant. 

FLIPANY’s mission is to foster healthy lives through nutrition education, physical activities, and wellness initiatives. We focus on health equity, providing communities specific health resources and tools to have a fair chance at leading a healthy lifestyle. Our innovative programs increase health equity by focusing on healthy food preparation, food security, physical education and work-site wellness. Through the Healthy Restaurants Initiative, we are working to create a healthier food environment in the Miami Gardens community. 

The Healthy Restaurant Initiative is funded by a $72,987 grant from Health Foundation of South Florida and supported by the Live Healthy Miami Gardens initiative, a movement which aims to make this vibrant community a healthier place to live. Come support the participating restaurants by trying the healthy menu items.

FLIPANY’s Healthy Restaurants Initiative – SubCity Miami

Add more vegetables to your plate! Eating vegetables is important because they provide vitamins and minerals and most are low in calories. Try SubCity Miami’s new Spicy Chicken Protein Wrap filled with fresh vegetables, along with their Healthy Restaurants Initiative Smoked Turkey Wheat Sub and Grilled Chicken Salad!

FLIPANY’s Healthy Restaurants Initiative – Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

The Healthy Restaurants Initiative promotes healthier food and drinks in Miami Gardens restaurants. FLIPANY and local chefs collaborated with restaurant owners to create flavorful, healthy meals and side dishes. The menu items are evaluated and modified to meet national dietary guidelines.

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